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Portable brickyard.
Autonomous, manual machine for the manufacture of bricks.

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Detailed Description

         The technology of portable machine for the production of bricks by dry pressing without firing was supposed invention a group of Canadian students. This invention helps individual developers, farmers, horticultural associations and other consumers meet the demand for building materials - brick. The raw material for the production of bricks is a the ground: clay, sand, etc. Binder from 3% to 10% of the total raw materials can be low cement brands. Determine the proportion of soil in each case the user must, as density, viscosity, fat content, moisture various. Operation of the machine is carried out by manual control and eliminates the consumption of water, electricity and any fuel - only arm and arm strength operator. Small size of the machine makes it possible to its operation and production of bricks on the open construction site, in the garage, room of 3 mx 3 m, in the desert, etc. One-touch lever is made of 3 units of brick. Full natural drying lasts 21 days, during this period brick gaining maximum strength. Brick size: 250h123h65. In the form of bricks there are two round holes 60, which facilitate the brick, it improves the thermal insulating performance by the air gap. Through these holes can be vertically reinforced masonry walls.
Portable brickyard. Autonomous, manual machine for the manufacture of bricks.

The following link you can Download to view files of drawings: Download

Portable brickyard. Autonomous, manual machine for the manufacture of bricks. Portable brickyard. Autonomous, manual machine for the manufacture of bricks. Portable brickyard. Autonomous, manual machine for the manufacture of bricks.

Product specifications

Country of origin:
Required space:
Number of staff:
Bricks for 1 push:
Brick height:
Depth of the brick:
Width of the brick:
1 м
1 prson
3 units
65 mm
123 mm
250 mm

The machine is in finished form is not sent. Price of working drawings in electronic form: $ 20 USD.
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Recipe selection of raw materials for the production of bricks

         The easiest method of choosing the right quality of raw materials for the production of bricks - try raw material (clay) extracted from multiple sites. It is necessary to take half a liter of clay, add a small amount of water and stir thoroughly until such time as the clay does not absorb all the water and begins to stick to the hands. Prepare a thick dough, you must roll a ball diameter of about forty or fifty millimeters and cake - about a hundred millimeters. This procedure is necessary to make the raw material for each sample separately. Then, you need 2-3 days to dry cake balls in the shade. In that case, if they appear during the drying cracks - this means that the clay used is very oily and you want to add the sand. If the cracks are not formed, and tossed with meter-high ball is not scattered, the fat content of clay normal. Not greasy clay will not crack, but will not be strong - in this case, it must be mixed with a fat clay. Clay or sand have to add a few tricks and check the quality of the mass, which is obtained each time. Do this need until until you get the normal composition of raw materials and learn optimal proportions.

Fuel briquettes

         It is also possible to use the machine for pressing wood chips, sawdust, fallen leaves, paper, different mixtures for producing fuel briquettes. Recipes such compositions you can find on the Internet. Typically, water is used with sawdust. Sawdust and shavings of coniferous trees glued better. The mixture can be added to the paper. As the binder used paste, natural wallpaper glue, perhaps, bone wax. It also occurs in the production of coal briquettes for bonding mixture, use gypsum. Also found on the Internet offer to use as a binder cow dung. It has long been known for a very good astringent properties and is therefore part of the adobe, dried manure - manure - good fuel.